There is IKEv2 support for 3rd Party VPN on 15.12+ beta and this is enabled via support. UI is in the works but not here yet. Security Level v2 is also available on Auto-VPN in 14.latest. Again enabled in the backend for now

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Jul 11, 2011

NAT gateway goes to a status of failed Elastic IP address and NAT gateway quotas Availability Zone is unsupported NAT gateway Is no longer visible NAT gateway doesn't respond to a ping command Instances cannot access the internet TCP connection to a destination fails Traceroute output does not display NAT gateway private IP address Internet I have configured a client-access (without group-tunnel-configuration), I have the newest FW 2.0.. and the latest Quick-VPN-Client. When I try to build a VPN-connection over Quick-VPN-Client I receive always the message: The Remote Gateway is not responding. Do you want to wait? Even when the PC-Firewall is disabled same message.

Aug 27, 2018 · The initiating peer will send message one and will be in a MM_WAIT_MSG2 state. In the initial message, it is sending its Encryption, Hash, DH Group and Lifetime Policy details to the Remote Peer. If you see that you are stuck at this message then this means that the other side is not responding to your requests.

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