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Access your PC from anywhere - A static IP makes it easier for you to remotely access your computer, so you can get hold of files, use programs, adjust your settings, and so on. Host a website - You'll need a static IP if you want to host your own website, rather than have someone else's server host it. USR :: What are Static IP, Dynamic IP and NAT? A static IP address is always the same. You manually configure your computer to use a specific IP address. Your ISP will provide this address. A dynamic IP address needs to be assigned to a computer. When the computer is turned on, it will "search" for the Dynamic IP … What Is a Static IP Address and Why Do You Need One?

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DHCP vs Static IP: Which One Is Better? | FS Community Static IP addresses allow network devices to retain the same IP address all the time, A network administrator must keep track of each statically assigned device to avoid using that IP address again. Since static IP address requires manual configurations, it can create network issues if you use it without a good understanding of TCP/IP. Static vs. Dynamic IP Addresses: What’s the Difference Sep 23, 2019 Setting a Static IP Address in Windows 10 Open up the Windows 10 start menu by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. You can also …