Dec 20, 2019

Online Privacy: Using the Internet Safely | Privacy Rights Online Tracking. Almost every major website you visit tracks your online activity. Tracking … The Internet Privacy, Essay/Paper Sample Such privacy issues come as a result of negligence by the users or website developers who do not comply with the regulations and standards that curb privacy violation. Thus, internet privacy is under threat due to the inability of the internet service providers who have no explicit permission to gain access or share confidential information. Internet Privacy in India — The Centre for Internet and Internet privacy encompasses a wide range of issues and topics. It can be understood as privacy rights that an individual has online with respect to their data, and violations of the same that take place online. Given the dynamic nature of the online sphere, privacy concerns and issues are rapidly changing.

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Jun 05, 2020

CHANGES TO THIS INTERNET PRIVACY POLICY; CONTACT; INFORMATION COLLECTED Through the use of or online inquiry regarding the products and services we offer (“Services”) or access to our Site, we may collect personal information about you, which is information that identifies you as an individual, relates to you as an individual, or that