The reason being is that Smart DNS is built for this exact purpose and for the most part the streaming happens directly between you and the streaming services. Furthermore Smart DNS will work on most devices as all you have to do is change network settings. Unlike VPN then Smart DNS will allow you to appear in multiple locations at the same time.

Buy VPN and Smart DNS. SmartyDNS plans and pricing Get our VPN and Smart DNS services. 1 Month $ 5.56$7.95. Save 30%. Get Started. 3 Months $ 13.26$23.85. Save 44%. Get Started. 1 Year $ 34.96$95.40. Save 63%. Get Started. Most Popular. 2 Years $ 55.96$190.80. Save 70%. Get Started. As a fan of TV shows from the UK, I never thought it was fair that I couldn't watch them from overseas. SmartyDNS The 5 Best VPN Providers For Security-Smart Travellers More and more travellers are turning to VPNs to protect their online privacy from data thieves and to view geo-restricted or censored content. In this article, we review in detail the 5 Best VPN Providers For Security-Smart Travellers. Click through to see our reviews of the 5 best VPNs in the industry and choose the one that's right for you.

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Smart Location doesn’t require any fine-tuning since it is the default option. When accessing the VPN interface, you’ll always see the number one recommended country, which is especially handy considering that ExpressVPN has over 145 servers in 94 countries and the selection keeps on growing. Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN + VPN: The Best ALL IN ONE *NOTE: If you currently have a Smart DNS Proxy account, you can access SmartVPN features in your admin area when you login. Look for VPN Configuration Status under the HOME section and visit our Support Page for quick and easy setup instructions.

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VPN stands for virtual private network. When you connect to a VPN, you essentially change your original IP address to a new one and encrypt all forms of internet traffic coming out of your computer. When you use a VPN, no one can read your information–whether a governmental agency or your internet service provider (however the strength of Frequently Asked Questions - SmartVPN The VPN automatically encrypt and anonymise your internet connection and all your applications traffic, but when using a web proxy, you need to manually configure some applications (such as your Web browser). VPN services uses much stronger encryption and … Why Smart VPN is perfect for todays businesses Smart VPN Enterprises seek a robust network that is secure and facilitates the uninterrupted working of their Internet-based apps. It should also support their BYOD policies and help them connect different offices without the fear of data leakage.