Jan 22, 2020

Apr 22, 2013 Solved: Cisco AnyConnect - DNS Suffixes - Cisco Community Solved: Hi, How can I set the DNS suffixes and other DNS options to appear on the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client adapter once the user has connected via VPN? Thanks VPN Settings | Access Server Admin Guide | OpenVPN

Sep 18, 2018

Enable Split DNS support if you would like to selectively send DNS requests to a tunnel specific DNS server. When this option is enabled, a client will inspect all DNS requests and compare them to a list of DNS domain name suffixes. If the request matches one of these domain name suffixes, the request is forwarded to the tunnel specific DNS server. DNS Configuration Assignment Based on Users or User Groups Jun 24, 2020 Windows DNS server will not respond to VPN client - Spiceworks

I will certainly check that tonight. I have specified the DNS servers in my VPN connection, but not in my main connection. Strangely, I have two long-time users without any special settings that use VPN just fine. One is an off-site domain computer that is almost always connected via Remote Desktop to a computer on-site.

The DNS settings over a VPN connection should be forced by the VPN server. This makes sure DNS queries get routed securely over the VPN, and allows you to see private services on the intranet that may not be exposed as public DNS records. Dec 19, 2014 · So if we want to use DNS suffix, we could add it in the TCP/IP properties of VPN connection. Even if we choose DHCP to assign IP address, the DNS suffix also won’t be assigned to the VPN client. When the VPN server uses DHCP to assign IP addresses, the RRAS obtains 10 IP addresses from its configured DHCP server. Connection-specific DNS Suffix Search List - Windows Server 2012 R2 Are you trying to find out why there are entries in the "Connection-specific DNS Suffix" and "Connection-specific DNS Suffix Search List" elements when you run "ipconfig /all", yet the DNS Suffix fields on the DNS tab in the IP4 and IP6 configuration applets are blank?