An explanation of charges shown in My Vodafone for mobile accounts. Usage type Description; Call (to Info or other) Calls made to special numbers such as 0900, 018 or to Voicemail (appears as 707)

Vodafone will send you a text letting you know if this has worked. Three To adjust voicemail settings (including turning voicemail on or off) you need to call three on 333. Vodafone locations and resellers. The Vodafone starter kit is offered at the 10-11 shop in the arrival hall at Keflavík International Airport and the Elko stores at the airport. If you are travelling to Iceland with Smyril Line on the Norröna ferry, seek out our reseller Myndsmidjan in Egilsstaðir to get a starter kit. International roaming charges apply when you call voicemail, download Visual Voicemail messages, and manage Visual Voicemail settings outside of the AT&T wireless domestic coverage area. If you won’t be in a coverage area or your device won’t work while traveling, you can access your voicemail from another phone using your voicemail password. Sadly, (Vodafone + Voicemail + English + Language + Germany) is a combo that can only bring more frustration until Vodafone join the other 3 networks in offering the option. German owned T1 and ePlus and (now) Spanish owned o2 do offer EL voicemail. If your Bill is overdue, we might block the outgoing services, including roaming. You can check your payments in the My Vodafone app in the Bill section or in My Vodafone under Expenditure and bills. The fastest methods include paying on-line with a payment card, via a cash machine in the Czech Republic, or at a Vodafone Store in the Czech Vodafone Red is a complete voice and data plan by Vodafone Ghana that gives on-net and off-net voice allowance, data, international calls and SMS. The Vodafone Red experience ensures that subscribers do not have different sim cards for different purposes.

Listening to your voicemail. In most countries, you can dial 171 to hear your Voicemail, just as you would at home. In some countries, you’ll need to dial into your mailbox. To do that, just follow these steps: Key in your international mailbox number by dialling a 5 after the 87 prefix (e.g. 00 353 87 5 123 4567).

Using your voicemail abroad – Vodafone. If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll need to set a security PIN before you leave the UK. To set your security PIN: •Call 121 from your Vodafone mobile. This call is free. •Choose option 4, then option 2 •Follow the instructions to choose your 4-digit PIN

The cost to call your voicemail depends on your plan and where you are calling from - check My Vodafone for these details. Don't know your mobile PIN? Please call us on 00 64 9 355 2007 or on 00 64 9 962 9888 (business customers) to set up a new PIN.

Voicemail. Travelling abroad. You can also find out the rates on our Vodafone International page. Upgrading & adding plans. Pay monthly. Pay as you go & top up. How to Turn Off Vodafone Voicemail It is said that texting is faster than sending a voice mail. This is due to all the processes involved in calling and recording the message.