Apr 28, 2015

Repeal the Patriot Act – Building Blocks for Liberty In the decade preceding the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the villains were the Stamp Act and the Writs of Assistance Act. Today, the villain is the Patriot Act. Here is the backstory. In 1765, when the British government was looking for creative ways to tax the colonists, Parliament enacted the Stamp Act. Repeal the Patriot Act - Antiwar.com Original Mar 04, 2020 Repeal the Patriot Act? : polls Repeal the Patriot Act? Politics. Close. 23. Posted by 4 days ago. Repeal the Patriot Act? Politics. 434 votes. 130. 30.0%. Yes. 49. 11.3%. No. 255. 58.8%. What. Voting closed 1 day ago. 36 comments. The patriot act legalized unlawful and unconstitutional government survellience, and has shown to be minimally effective at fighting terrorism Is the USA PATRIOT Act a Good Law? - ACLU - ProCon.org

House Introduces Bill to Repeal the Patriot Act | FreedomWorks

Democrats Defend Freedom By Introducing Bill To Repeal The Mar 24, 2015 Andrew Napolitano: Repeal the Patriot Act | Nvdaily

Mar 08, 2020

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