How does LastPass' grid multi-factor authentication work

Same problem here since version 1.0! Before 1.0 all was working. Lastpass is working as long as it doesn't open an extra dialog window/tab. For this reason some important things like adding new site/account or re-asking password before filling login information are not working anymore. How was LastPass hacked? - Quora [Disclosure: I work for AgileBits, a competitor of LastPass] Thanks for the A2A, but given my position it would be inappropriate for me to really comment much on this. Note also that I have no real expertise in how LastPass does things, so everyt LastPass vs 1Password 2020 - Which one is best? | Tech.Co LastPass vs 1Password. LastPass and 1Password are both great password managers, but with one big difference: LastPass only offers one ‘vault,' compared to 1Password's multiple vaults, which LastPass Review | PCMag Jun 29, 2020

Why does LastPass not work properly in Microsoft Edge

Unlike Slide Over, you can work in both apps at the same time. Again, LastPass users can conveniently have their vault open in one window and another app open in the second window, allowing for easy copy-paste or adding information to LastPass. Split View is only …

Does Lastpass app work on apps? - Android Apps & Games

One of its most stalwart longtime competitors, LastPass, has had an iOS version, but OS X customers have had to work through browser plug-ins or its website, putting it at a disadvantage. LastPass Free vs Premium – A Real Comparative Review 2020 LastPass Free account limitation. LastPass free account doesn’t allow you to use LastPass more than one type of device same as StickyPassword.What this means is that suppose you have created account on your Android, then you won’t be able to sync the passwords on your iPhone and vice versa.