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Library : The First Modernism | Catholic Culture They are like men in an observation post continually under heavy shellfire. As they study new books and learned publications they live under a barrage of temptations of a kind most of the faithful Siege of Pondicherry (1793) - Wikipedia The Siege of Pondicherry was a colonial military operation in the early stages of the French Revolutionary Wars.Britain and France both controlled colonies on the Indian Subcontinent and when the French National Convention declared war on Britain on 1 February 1793, both sides were prepared for conflict in India. British India was centred on the principal ports of Bombay, Madras and Calcutta

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In combat heavy shellfire made the rear ditch untenable, and German forces were able to get between the forts and attack them from the rear. The Brialmont forts were designed to be protected from shellfire equaling their heaviest guns: 21cm. Under heavy shellfire, on April 23, 1918, on the French Front, Lieutenant Commander Lyle rushed to the assistance of Corp. Thomas Regan, who seriously wounded, and administered such effective

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Anxious to Get Into the Fighting. AMERICAN DOCTORS AT YPRES. Did Splendid Work, Under Heavy Shellfire, for Haig's Wounded. Sept. 25, 1917. Avalanche Press