How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome

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How to clear the cache on your iPhone to help it run You can clear up space on your iPhone's cache by manually deleting information from your individual apps and browser or by deleting and reloading apps to automatically clear the cache. Here's an How to clear cache, Documents and Data, and Other on iPhone Apr 23, 2020

Sep 07, 2016

How To Clear Cache On iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Sep 07, 2016 How To Clear App and Browser Cache on iPhone or iPad Go to Google Play Store and install this app. After installation, open it and go to the folder that has your application’s cache by opening the Junk tab at the bottom menu.; Tap on the Clean Up Cache button.; After going over the caution message displayed, do by selecting Clean.This action will get rid of the temporary files from applications. How to View Google Cached Pages | Nektony Apr 10, 2020