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Blockchain Laws and Regulations | Germany | GLI Handling (in the widest sense) cryptocurrencies may have complex tax implications under German law. In the following paragraphs, one of the most pressing issues is given an overview on, i.e. the classification for VAT-purposes. 20 On 27 February 2018, the German Ministry of Finance (Bundesfinanzministerium) issued its guidance concerning the VAT treatment of certain dealings in German Law Research - German Law Research - Research Apr 08, 2020

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Under German law a will may name an executor and provide for subsequent estate administration, but most wills in Germany do not. There are no living trusts under German law. Germany is a civil law jurisdiction which does not recognize trusts. There will be no trustee taking title to decedent’s assets in Germany. Top ten weird German rules and laws The Local The law says that you are not allowed to mask your face when you go to a protest. Police often need to arrest people at demonstrations and if someone is wearing a mask, their identity can be Property Law in Germany | Real Estate Laws

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In Germany, the law considers swastikas and SS sig runes the "symbols of anti-constitutional organizations." Displaying them publicly or selling goods that sport them is illegal. The Nazi salute Features of German Labor and Employment Law | WilmerHale Oct 08, 2003 Study Law in Germany 2020 Germany's Legal System Three sets of regulatory laws comprise Germany's legal system: public, private and criminal law. Public law (also includes criminal law) deals with legal matters between an individual and the state. Private law mediates relationships between companies and two or more people. German Law Archive